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Chuzhou embellish jiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD., completed and put into operation ...
      Since this year,After careful preparation,Chuzhou embellish jiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Foundry formally completed and put into operation,Steel in the furnace2019Years3Month8Day late into the night,Casting the first products of the company。The company by the original machinery foundry first design institute of design,And in strict accordance with the design and construction,The total investment1.5One hundred million yuan,The investment must used to meet the national environmental protection requirements。The project was built ...
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Recruitment announcements ...
Chuzhou embellish jiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Large casting project will be completed and put into operation,Production capacity is expected to produce8More than ten thousand tons,Good market prospect。The company is located in anhui chuzhou branch river economic development zone,Jiangbei district is adjacent to nanjing,The transportation is convenient。Recruitment is now facing society,Hope people if chuzhou embellish jiang machinery,Belongs to all of us a better future together。We solemnly promise to the society:The future belongs to us all,We must be serious、Obey the law,For countries ...
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Chuzhou embellish jiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Environmental protection spend large sum of money,Play well“The blue sky ...
Has completed the ventilation system of the assembly are in dust removal system of gas piping with dust is lifting      To Ann branch river economic development zone is located in anhui chuzhou embellish jiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD,Design investment2One hundred million yuan,The annual output of ten thousand tons of casting project,Are now in a tense construction period,All kinds of large equipment installation into the factory。The company spent nearly1000Ten thousand yuan,For the improvement of the environmental protection facilities,Wuxi lucky to environmental protection ...
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