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Leasing management system

Based on the real estate industry dot leasing management information growth tendency to understand,Shenzhen city365Sports software co., LTD. Has developed based on the Internet and multiple organization centralized rbis365Dot sports rental management system,Handle the apartment、Office buildings、The park、Business divisions formats such as leasing business。To enrich meet the real estate enterprises to rent houses before、Pricing、Dot business opportunities,Rent the rental application、Dot lease contract、The rent dot dot measurements and rent after decoration、Dot households、Customers wait to rent things,Permeate all the lease total life cycle,Supply a complete set of solutions,For the vast real estate enterprises abstruse and full preparations,Comprehensive improve enterprise management。At the same time supply for tenants365Sports tenantsAPP,Implement the tenant signed online、Online payment、365Sports skills, such as one-stop things convenient experience,Progress in the customer experience、Customer yourself。

365Sports intelligent parking
  • License plate automatic recognition
  • Spending on mobile pay parking information
  • Based on theIPCommunication of voice and video communications
  • Centralized monitoring
365Sports intelligent entrance guard

Handle the intelligent entrance guard system, identity recognition skills

  • Swipe to open the door
  • The password to open the door
  • Id card to open the door
  • The fingerprint to open the door
  • Bluetooth to open the door
  • Qr code to open the door
  • Human face recognition
365Sports self-help payment machine

Help you realize the unattended

365Smart community sports
365Sports intelligent intercom

Intelligent community family terminal

  • Open the door
  • Community doing things
  • Call365Sports
  • Call for tenants
  • Online payment
  • Community mall