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Silver one knife toughened glass co., LTD. Is located in baiyin west industrial park of silver,Was established2009Years6Month,Its predecessor was founded in1992Years of li dao glazier silver area,Is a glass deep processing、Doors and Windows finishing、Building safety glass、Acting sales of brand glass and large glass engineering installation、Glass accessories wholesale is a body comprehensive enterprise。2009The years the company has investment5108Ten thousand yuan,Construction12000Square meters standard workshop、Warehouse,Has the advanced glass production line10The article,Annual production of toughened glass、LOW-ECoated insulating glass、Electric heating glass、Laminated glass、Hollow glass such as safety glass20Million square meters。
  An annual output value2000More than ten thousand yuan,The company always adhere to the market-oriented,Science and technology innovation as the prerequisite,To build a harmonious、Steady operation、Create a performance、Contribute to society business philosophy for the enterprise,The company advanced production technology,Complete testing equipment,Can effectively meetGB9656-2003Standards of performance testing and experiment。Products from raw material purchasing to product factory,Each working procedure is strict“Self-checking”、“The absolute”、“ZhuanJian”,Guarantee“Unqualified products factory”,Produced by the companyLOW-EInsulating glass、Toughened glass、Laminated glass three series product testing by the relevant departments of the state,In accordance with national standards。With the continuous development of glass industry and the increasingly fierce market competition,In order to adapt to enterprise development,The company2011Years8Months passed smoothlyIS0-9000Quality management system certification,Passed the national mandatory product performance“CCC”Certification,As a new type of glass processing enterprises,On the way of its development,To overcome the difficulties。Over the past few years,Company always insist on:“The construction of a harmonious、Steady operation、Create a performance、Safety first 、The customer is supreme、Contribute to society”Management thinking,With high quality products、Good service,Its products are well received by customers,High reputation in the industry is well-established,Enterprise implements the greatly leap,Has become the northwest's largest glass、Windows and doors production and processing bases。
  The company has awarded by baiyin government“Baiyin science and technology enterprises”The title、The communist youth league municipal party committee awarded the silver“Youth employment entrepreneurship practice base”、Silver district party committee awarded“Youth civilization”Honor;2012Silver district government awarded“Human resources and social security advanced collectives”、 “Bright star”Such as the honorary title;2013By the municipal party committee municipal government awarded the silver“Employment in the city of advanced enterprises”,2013In gansu province administration for industry and commerce awarded“Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise”,2014In baiyin consumer association awarded“Integrity unit”Such as the honorary title。

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  The silver one knife toughened glass co., LTD
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